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Virtual Reality Access Control System, ACS
ACS is new intuitive access control system basis on 3D virtual reality technology.
ACS gives the operator the virtual space image of the moment when the entrance is interacted.
It allows the operator to efficiently identify the person and location of its entrance.
It can provide real-time virtual reality display to any clients who demanding crime prevention, such as public institutions,
cultural assets, airports, ships, schools, apartments, factories and elsewhere need such security system.
The Principle of ACS
To overcome the limitations of old access control systems, ACS provides efficient control
by provide real-time entrance and resident data through real time CCTV images.
ACS System Features
  • Various Functions Support
    • - System controls function on screens
    • - Multi-site support
    • - Multilingual operation
    • - Access and multi ID management
  • Graphic Map
    • - Graphic Mapping
    • - Alarm events administer varication
    • - Color display on categorized Alarm event
    • - Various report on access data.
  • Various Option Support
    • - Various export and conversion capability
    • - Multiple Options
    • - Setting Wizard function
    • - Abundant tool bar fuctions
  • Integrated Monitoring
    • - Customizable integrated monitoring
    • - Powerful operation management
    • - Distributed Processing system
    • - Massive database system
    • - Recent UI support
  • Applicable areas
    • - Public Institutions (museums, memorial, halls, stadiums)
    • - Cultural assets, airports, ships, schools, Apartment buildings, factories, etc.
  • Image Control Ability
    • - Simultaneous image control
    • - residence data, entrance lock and unlock function.
    • - Image mapping on 3D
    • - Supply of the intuitive location information
    • - Automatic patrol system
ACS Block Diagram
ACS can control entrances by functional buttons in the system and provide residence data while monitoring the server through virtual reality space data, access terminal data and image data.

As the identity data set input is complete, administer can set the person’s area entrance allowance, terminal acknowledgement and time dependent entrance allowance. Whenever the person interacts with the terminal, the image security system starts recording the entrance situation.
ACS System Specified
4 doors
Embedded Web Server
PoE(Power over Ethernet) feature
Supports Expansion Board ERIO
Supports Expnasion input Board(UIM)
Compatible Software
Up to 100,000 users
Ethernet / RS485 / RS232 Communication
Up to 80 Inputs / 80 Output with UIM, UOM
UIM(Expansion input board), 16 outputs. 2 Inputs
UP to 4 UOM per, Up to 80 Inputs with 4 UOM, RS 485
0˚ ~ +65˚C
350 X 399 X 100 mm
8 doors
4Doors+ERIO Expansion Board
Embedded Web server
PoE(Power over Ethernet)feature
Supports Expnasion input Board(UIM)
Expnasion Output Board(UOM)
Supervised Inputs(4Status Inputs:On/Off/Short/Cut)
Compatible Software
Up to 100,000 users
Ethernet / RS485 / RS232 Communication
Up to 88 Inputs / 88 Output with ERIO, UIM, UOM
ERIO(Expansion reader / input / output / output board)
Reauired for controlling 5~9 doors
4 readers, 8 Input, 8 Outputs
Supports Expansion Board
0˚ ~ +65˚C
350 X 399 X 100 mm
ACS Operation Case