Your Safety First

Costal Detection System, CDS
KeumSung Security who thinks your safety succeed to develop the “Costal Detection System” to make our coasts more secure.
CDS operates 24 hours, 365 days with highly efficient radar and an image surveillance equipment
to automatically detect illegal vessels and warn them to out of secure areas.
The Principle of CDS
CDS from KeumSung Security is a collection of foremost distanced surveillance systems. CDS not only has a coastal guard usage, but also capable for distanced observation and control through the high-tech equipment like cameras, radars and search lights.
CDS System Feature
  • - Detecting vessels and recognizing a size of object
    (min H700mm × W1500mm × D1000mm) within 5km from the coast
  • - Calculate the distance of a detected object and the coordinate
  • - Set two detection zones and give the alarm automatically if something trespass on the detection zone
  • - Displaying movement routes of all detected object
  • - Automatic recognition and tracking with setup trespassing object
  • - Easy installation and movement of the system due to all-in-one structure.
  • - Automatic alarm system after detecting an intruder without detecting agents.
  • - High performance even in the bad weather.
  • - Extending detection range and improving accuracy
    (a maximum area is 8km, an optimum area is 3km)
  • - multi-OS capability of TCP/IP communication
Coastal Detection System

Everything you can think of it, this is
the most perfect coastal security
system for your costal security

  • Radar Performance - A Radar scan performance: Scan (360 degree per second) maximum detectable range 12km
    - A minimum detectable size of radar : H1000mm × W1500mm × D1000mm
    - A radar coordination performance: Display the vessel’s distance from the coast, latitude-longitude location and the route of the vessel.
    - A event processing function: Set two automatic detection zones.
  • Detection system performance - Zoom camera : motorized zoom magnification optical ×43
    - Infrared ray laser : an object recognition within 1km at night
    - Thermo-graphic camera : Detecting a small vessel within 4km
    - Search light : option
CDS Block Diagram
  • 1) Can-BUS Signal
  • 2) TCP/IP
  • 3) Can-BUS signal amplifiers
  • 4) NSO Processor
  • 5) Switch HUB
  • 6) RS232 Signal
  • 7) Radar and detection system operating server
  • 8) contact relay
  • 9) broadcasting amp
  • 10) speaker
CDS Operation Case