Your Safety First

Smart video surveillance & Fire detector system, FVR
We can now easily find many CCTVs around us in most of places. However, it doesn’t assure all the safeties we need.
Human controlled CCTV system can’t prevent many problems for various causes in real life.
For this reason, KeumSung Security invented FVR system in the series of questions
to make real-life problems be firmly secured.
FVR proved its excellency by nominated as National Emergency Management Agency’s best project on 2009,
and nominated on best products of Public Procurement Service on 2011.
The Principle of FVR
FVR is high-tech fire and crime prevention system basis on Smart Image Analysis. It can detect the fire and smoke
by using its sophisticated image pattern analysis algorithm on existing CCTVs’ images and warn the operator fast and precisely.
FVR System Feature
  • Fire detection and alarm system
    • - Rapid recognition of fire ignition points
    • - Efficient early detection and warning systems
    • - Fire and smoke detection through pattern analysis
  • Quick initial response
    • - Prevent heavy damage disaster by quick initial response
  • Crime prevention and Monitoring system
    • - Detection of intrusion on surveillance area
    • - Recording Intruders and arsonists
    • - Transfer intrusion and fire alert to the General Situation Centers
  • Potential applicants
    • - Any places in demand of CCTV installation
    • - The Areas that can’t be install fire detecting sensors.
    • - Spatial restrictive environment like wide and long distanced area
    • - Cultural assets are now most alerting matter demanding disaster and crime prevention.
    • - Power plants and shipyards, chemical plants, steel mills, tunnel
    • - industrial facilities, Subway stations, government offices, public facilities, etc.
  • Surveillance Capabilities
    • - Motion Detection: Alarm the operator when the motion detected in the surveillance area. Disappearance detection : Alarm the operator when the set object is disappeared in surveillance area.
    • - 16CH Video input and recording functions
    • - Support various multi-split-screens : 1, 4, 7, 9, 13, 16 Division
    • - Independent setup availability on each camera.
    • - Remote monitor function through network (dynamic IP support)
  • Fire Detection Capabilities
    • - Fire recognition (Fire, Smoke) 4CH / 8CH / 16CH
    • - Recognize fire within 10 seconds
    • - Fire detection 4CH / 8CH / 16CH option
    • - Fire detection sensitivity settings : Can alter the sensitivity by its environment
    • - Detection area setup: User can setup the fire detection area on preferred location on the display
FVR Block Diagram
It can perform fire and crime prevention at the same time and even provides remote monitoring function through CMS.
It can also perform the integrated control on broadcast equipment, access system and even parking control system in the demanding situation through multiple security sensors

It is applicable on the places demanding crime prevention in purpose of oversee the intruders, arsonists.
The system can record their criminal behaviors then safely store it. It can also alert the administer and start recording the situation when it detects fire or smoke. It is the intelligent integrated crime & disaster prevent solution for the clients who in needs of these functions.
FVR System Specified
  • Model
    FVR04S-4816 / FVR08S-4816
  • Fire Detect CH
    4CH / 8CH
  • Case
    (Industrial) 4U
  • Codec
    H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
  • Display
  • Recording (FPS)
    1080P 480FPS
  • Video In
    16CH, TCP/IP
  • Video Out
  • CPU
    Intel i7 Quad Core 3.4Ghz
  • RAM
    DDR3 8GB
  • HDD
    3TB 7200rpm or Higher
  • OS
    Window 7(Embeded)
  • Dimension
    482(W) x 177(H) x 460(D)mm
  • Weight
FVR Operation Case1
FVR Operation Case2