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Laser Detection System, LDS
Flashing speed detection! KeumSung Security confidently introduces the most convenient and perfect
laser detection system. The 400hz wavelength laser sensors are safe for a human eye. It can detect the reflection
wave of the object and provide exact location of it. This smart detecting sensor has various settable options.
We proudly announce it is 0% false alarm rate system even from few hundred meters away.
LDS can operate with easily customizable settings in demanding places.
The Principle of LDS
KeumSung Security LDS is using light as a detector and it enables fastest and most precise system. The product itself has laser transmitters and receivers; thus, it can provide precise time and location of trespassing by coordinating with PTZ camera.
LDS System Features
  • Intruder detection

    vFence Technology identifies intruders while detecting the trespassing location. It is applicable on the places demanding its security functions.

  • Object detection

    It can detect the entrance of an object on preferred location from few hundred meters away through easily customizable options. The functioning area can be setup independently only for the necessary space.

  • Car movement detection

    It can easily detect the car movement. When the movement detected, the system alerts the administer even from the far place of movement.

  • Coastal Guard

    It directly oversees the entry and departure of ships from the port and decreases the risk of the ships in the process. The system is even adaptable to harsh costal environments.

  • Remote monitoring

    vFence F-501 is capable of easy and quick moveable installation through the tripods and remote monitoring.

  • Entrance identification and setting

    It can identify the person who is getting in and out of a building from 500 meters away and various alarms settings are available.

LDS Block Diagram
vFence F-501 can perform independently while able to construct the system with the server connected IP detection sensors and IP camera. Furthermore, it can be easily installed through ethernet cable. With approachable UI, the fast and convenient network integrated system is constructible.
LDS System Specified
vFENCE The 400hz wavelength laser projected from the sensor is very safe for human eyes. It detects the reflection wave of an object and provide precise detection location; thus, various alarm setting is available.
For instance, it can detect the car parking on the particular road line or detect halt of an object and opening doors. As shown, it can be set to flexibly response to the various situations.
  • Field of application
    Outdoor surveillance and monitoring - object detection and change detection
  • Alarm zones
    Up to 20 fully adaptable zones, each zone has individual settings for near distance, far distance, target variance, trailing window, trigger ratio and actions
  • Alarm actions
    Network alarm, relay
  • Detection range
    0-500 metres
  • Detection resolution
    +/- 1 dm
  • Beam divergence
    2.0 x 0.2 mRad
  • lignment laser
  • Update rate
  • Laser wavelength
    905nm(invisible IR)
  • Laser class
    Intel i7 Quad Core 3.4Ghz
  • Power supply
    DDR3 8GB
  • Power consumption
    3TB 7200rpm or Higher
  • Operating temperature
  • Interface
    Window 7(Embeded)
  • Relay switch
    482(W) x 177(H) x 460(D)mm
  • Mounting
  • Adjustability
    +/- 6.5˚Vertical : +/-6.5˚
  • Enclosure rating
  • Color
    Shell : grey, sensor : black
  • Weight
LDS Operation Case