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Microwave Detection System, MDS
In the history of security, the castle walls and house fences were the most primitive but important protection
that people could rely on. Recent days, those walls and fences are evolving from its primitive functions
to more high-tech involved protection. KeumSung Security MDS is the evolvement that still evolving for
more safe and rigid outside security system while pursuing diversity.
The Principle of MDS

KeumSung Security MDS, the leading system among the outside security systems, is a suitable solution for extreme security demanding places. It is because it can give highly sensitive and precise detection through wave interaction between the transmitters and receivers.

  • - Detection principle : Utilizes the difference between transmitting and receiving microwave to observe the movement of an object in the securing area.
  • - Detection form : Makes a cylinder microwave detection space between the transmitter and receiver
  • - Detection range : 10 meters ~ 500 meters (properly Install for the environment)/ *Range varies by the products
MDS System Features
  • Volume surveillance System
    • - It can measure the volume of a trespassing object, thus, can detect the size and speed of the object.
    • - Identification of an object and its trespassing intension is available through the system.
    • - MDS is a cutting-edge system confidently suggests 100% detection rate and 0% false alert rate.
  • Settable Level Value
    • - Operator can set the level of alarm, which will be active when detect the trespass.
    • - Through setting the level of alarm, Operator can exclude an object that doesn’t have trespassing intention and activate the alarm just for the objects that are intrusive.
    • - The level value setting function can reduce the false alarm rate, which has been the biggest limitation of detection systems.
  • Real-time check through Control system
    • - Operator can identify the situation with the detection devices in real time through the control system
    • - In the case of trespassing, activation of alarm and the location, time and all other relevant data transfer to the control system occur spontaneously.
    • - All trespassing data automatically stored in the control center and it can be access whenever it needs.
    • - MDS is a high-tech system that can coordinate with CCTV&DVR thus, when something happens, you can observe and record the situation spontaneously.
MDS example model
  • Microwave Detection device
    • - Install MW detection devices with 10m to 500m distance from each other with appropriate detection devices on security demanding places.
  • MW Volume Surveillance System
    • - You can exclude small animals, such as a rats, cats or birds, that have no intention to trespass from the alert system to allow you precise detection you want.
  • In case of trespassing
    • - If something big, such as human, trespasses the detecting area, the system immediately alert the alarm and send the relevant data to the situation room spontaneously. Also, the image of CCTVs in the detection area observe the situation in real time. If such case happens in the night, you can utilize the light source attached on the CCTVs.
MDS Operation Case